In spite of Disney’s new parade “Festival of Fantasy”, I made a collection inspired by popular characters who are in the parade ! 

Wonderland tea is the only tea for me

The sea witch , Ursula . I took this photo in the voyage of the little mermaid performance in hollywood studious !


Ariel’s lovely sisters ! (Not in any particular order)

(via dapper-disney)

Now that the weather is FINALLY starting to warm up, why not try an ursula inspired outfit for a night out on town. You’d be a poor unfortunate soul to not, right?

I’m sorry I haven’t been active in so long guys, I have just had so much going on ! Don’t worry, I haven’t lost any love for Disney or Fashion, it is all very much alive xox

Beauty and the Beast stained glass greets you in Be Our Guest restaurant !

Original photograph from the new restaurant, Be Our Guest, located in the new Fantasyland in Orlando, FL

So stick around to see some updated pictures of Walt Disney World! 

Mickey and Minnie cakepop maker !